W&HM Featured Model - Lea Anne P (Bike)

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - We are very happy to have Lea Anne back to be our featured model. Her first appeared as our featured model was back in October, 2010. Back then, she found us a beautiful garage and had a great shot of her and a red car. This time, she found a cool red Aprilia RSV4!

We also did an on-line interview with her, which is very cool, because you can use all kinds of emoticons, especially hers... Without further adieu, here is the interview with Lea Anne!

W&HM: Hi Lea Anne! It's great to see you again! Even better that we did another shoot!! :-)
Lea Anne: You as well! Always great to see ya! And always a pleasure to work with you!

W&HM: You just recently moved, right? Tell us about that experience, please.
Lea Anne: Yes I did... a few months ago I got an apartment about 15 mins away from downtown Atlanta with my best friend! Its a great change from living in the boonies to actual civilization. I can tell you having to drive 15+ minutes just to get to a grocery store gets OLD! Now I can drive 15 minutes and be somewhere cool!

(sidebar: form follows function, or function follows form???)

W&HM: Besides the great migration, any other news happening? Tell us about your latest 411!!
Lea Anne: haha great migration! :oP Well... everyone should know that 2011 will be a GREAT year... there will be a very big announcement everywhere... VERY soon.

W&HM: Wow, that's a lot! Tell us about the experience from SEMA! It's such a big show!
Lea Anne: SEMA.... I LOVE that show. I am such a car fanatic... so the SEMA show is like Disneyworld for me. Its long hours on your feet... but its so cool to meet all the great companies that participate in the show as well as the many many fans!

W&HM: Cool! How's your car? It's all great? Do you have any pictures? Love to see them!
Lea Anne: Ron is great... (RON BURGUNDY! My Miata.) Just got the Intake Mani, Valve cover and heat shield all painted... so the engine bay is NICE and clean... I can honestly say that I JUST might be getting something new soon though.... I am thinking.... VQ35!? ;oP NO recent photos right now, SOWWY!

(sidebar: Lea Anne is such a sporty, athletic, fun, and wild person!)

(The Aprilia RSV4, by herself, proudly!)

W&HM: Do you plan to go to other shows this year? I am sure many fans would love to see you in their cities.
Lea Anne: 2011 will be a busy year... I will be ALL OVER... tons of shows!!!! Expect to see me around! :oP As far as a schedule... still pretty early in the year. pfffft!

W&HM: Since you are both a great driver and an amazing model, what's your secret in life that makes you successful?
Lea Anne: Never let anyone get you down, discourage you or not support you in anything. Be persistent... believe in yourself even if times are hard! Patience pays off.

W&HM: Say, if you want to tell a 10-years old kid how to race, what are the three things that he or she needs to prepare before actually doing it?
Lea Anne: I would probably only tell them 1 thing... I wished I had an opportunity to start that young... they are lucky!

W&HM: Okay, just kidding! How about 20-years old guy?
Lea Anne: Quit thinking you're invincible! Practice doesn't always make perfect... give 110%.

(sidebar: what did we tell ya... She is such a fun person!!)

W&HM: Very cool! And also the bikini, T-shirt and nails? You told me that they are from the local designers. Let us know more!
Lea Anne: You are correct sir! Check out these links! :o)

The Bikini is from...
Style: Chloe Bikini

The nails were done by....

The T-shirt is from...
http://www.GirlClutch.com Supporting female riders

W&HM: Thanks! That's wonderful! Last question, what would you like to say to you fans? Please let all know how to follow you in this age of multi-facet social-conglomerations of internet...
Lea Anne: Thanks for the fans! Thats about it- I LOVE the support!!! Check out www.LeaAnneP.com Redesign coming soon!!!!! :o)

W&HM: Thank you so much! It's been such a great pleasure working with you!! Hopefully we will see you soon and do more shoots! :-)
Lea Anne: You are SO welcome! I heart Wheels and Heels Magazine!!

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