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February 16, 2011

Raichelle Viado, Nikita Esco, Krys Angeles

Torrance, CA (W&HM) - Raichelle Viado was situated at the most strategic table location, the front row dead center. If everyone took 5 min with her for photo ops and catching ups, then she would be buried with conversations and flashes non-stop...

She was one of the m0st playful models that we ever met and seen to that matter! She treats her fans just like friends, and always gives a Campbell-Soup-Style hearty hug! Great job Raichelle!!

Krys Angeles, is from Seattle all the way down here to the Sunny Torrance! Her somwhat petite frame of 5'2" showed up in our photos here like a super model! That's a very good sign that she is an amazing model!

Another sign of a super model! Her way of holding business cards is even beyond the most formal and strict gesture of the Japanese style. It's the orchid hand style!!! Can anyone do it without thinking for a good 5 seconds? Now that's professional!

Nikita Esco was sitting at the front row as well. She constantly got pampered by soft drinks lunch, snacks, waters... Who said that the best gifts are stones or blings? It's what the receivers want!

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