Gimmie Girl at Women of Perfection Show

Torrance, CA (W&HM) - One of the highlights in the Women of Perfection show is the models from Gimmie Girl team. Not only they are stunning, they are also super approachable. And on top of that, they are super professional, individually, AND as a group! Let us prove it to you...

Great models always know where are cameras, and ensure everybody a good portion of love and attention. Now Gimmie Girl models can do that as a group!

Both models (Tonia on the right) knew our camera is here...

Even when we are reeeeally close.

And Melissa Howe and Tonia Sugar Silva carried the baton and did not leave us cold out there.

Melissa is really now taking over the attention department for our locale.

Then came Sandy Packard, what can we say? Professionalism * 4!!

And more...

Wow, we felt their warm welcome to us here!! We were totally in awe!

Then Tonia pulled a handmade wind effect on Melissa's hair. Genius!

Tonia Sugar Silva now is posing solo and looking amazing!

Then we met up with Sandy Packard, and her bright yet sultry look definitely won our heart and our flashes!

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