Sugalicious Charity Car Wash

Huntington Beach, CA (W&HM) - Sugalicious Charity Car Wash is a charity event that supports the life-risking and tough-working troops in Afghanistan. It's a great event that brought talented models and supportive locals together for a great cause.

Caitlin was happily showing her star spangled swimsuit...

Alexis is the organizer of this wonderful event! We chatted with Alexis and she told us, "The car wash was a huge success. I was overwhelmed by the turn out of supporters and volunteers involved. We want to thank Hidden Talents for their support on this event and all the beautiful women/friends/family/strangers some who drove hours to donate their time."

For sure every car was well taken care of. Everybody was very determined to do the best of their jobs with the utmost of their cares and loves!

They took a nano-break for us to do a (partial) group photo... You have to love these cool costumes of Military print Minidress, Star-Spangled Bikini, "Major Trouble" uniform, and Rosie the Riveter!

Sherra was very instrumental in bringing in many + many cars...

"To every person who came to get their car washed for this amazing cause to benefit the Spartan Platoon currently serving in Afghanistan, we salute you." Alexis concluded, "We definitely showed people that hot women arent afraid of a lil hard work ;) It was a fun day of soapy, water fights and posing with fans and to gather great images to send these great guys overseas. I was honored to be apart of this day and see that so many people love & supported this cause."

Keep it going Alexis!!

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