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February 27, 2011

Red Theme with Soniya Lei, Roxy Ayala and Heather

Del Mar, CA (W&HM) - Heather, the model that actually paid attention to our camera and big flash actually stood out of the crowd that she's in, literally! (Later in the article)

Soniya Lei not only knew how to work with the car, the camera, the flash, she's also very assertive to make sure that covered her great assets, per Soniya's request...

Skyline is such a classic car!!

The lines...

The ingenuity...

The retro-ness....

And has great assets too!

Okay, back to Heather... When we saw a commotion at the corner, and discovered a hoard of cameras and flashes around a group of models. What caught our eyes immediately was not the bright red costumes that they wore, or the provocative poses that they acrobatically built... It's the very unusual height of Heather among other models in the team.

Probably shooting from the other direction would make it look more natural, with the law of perspective...

So we just asked her to do a nano-shoot...

Boy the punches that she delivered... Impressive! Very impressive!! Great job Heather!

Roxy Ayala blends the red theme perfectly!!

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February 26, 2011

Del Mar, CA (W&HM) - Sheena Romaine was the first model that we met when we entered the hall. That meant she was there way before the show began. Now we love her professionalism!!

We also met her in both Nisei week as well as Extreme Autofest in San Diego. Very cool! She definitely has been busy all the time!

Have you seen so many neon Hello Kitty before? Wow!

Kat Gutierrez is so amicable!! Definitely check out her web site!!

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