W&HM Featured Model - Ruth Izabella

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Wheels and Heels Magazine Featured Model, Ruth Izabella

We first met Ruth Izabella at BabeExpo in 2010. She was really friendly, kind, amicable, and ... just different than other models; she impressed us quite a lot. We invited her to be our Featured Model and she gladly accepted it!

After driving 5 hours straight from Las Vegas, Nevada to Santa Monica, California, she jumped right out of the car and said she's ready for the shoot!! She instantaneously earned our highest marks for being super professional!!

However, the weather was not being professional to us. Counting on the sunny southern California weather to be our backdrop, it fogged out at the mid-way of the shoot and we had to stop. Otherwise, the flash light is just like a high beam light in the fog; everything is white out...

Nonetheless, from the shoot and interview, we learned many new things about Ruth that are even more impressive!! Here is the very pleasant interview that we did with Ruth.

W&HM: It's so great to meet with you again! We met you last time at the BabeExpo in Hollywood! BTW, great job!! Very cool!! Now let's know a bit more about you! Tell us where you are from?
Ruth: I am originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. After moving here, I am currently living in Las Vegas, NV right now.

W&HM: Wow, so you drove all the way from Las Vegas to here Santa Monica?? Just for the shoot?
Ruth: Yes, just for the shoot!! Haha. And to get some sun and get ... frozen... Haha
W&HM: So that's like almost 5 hours!! Wow!! And you made it on time! You are soooo good!!
Ruth: :-D

W&HM: Great!! Let's learn more about you. Please tell us what's your favorite color?
Ruth: Pink, of course! (She's showing her very pink robe that she is wearing...) I love pink!! Haha

W&HM: So what style of swimsuit do you like most? Bikini? One-piece? or something?
Ruth: Actually I don't like swimsuit that much. I don't even own a piece of swimsuit... I borrowed my sister's for the shoot today... I should get some.. Haha
W&HM: OMG!! That's so unconventional!! Any readers out there reading this, should consider donating or sponsoring Ruth for her swimsuit collection...
Ruth: Haha. :->

W&HM: And do you like or play any particular sports?
Ruth: I was in the Varsity cheerleader team, as well as in the Varsity tracks. I was also playing volleyball. I am very sports-oriented.
W&HM: How do you like it?
Ruth: I like it! I love sports. It keeps me in shape. It's very important.

W&HM: Cool! So when you go to bed, what would you wear?
Ruth: Hmmm, I like the satin feel. My sheets are satin, of course. And I have satin pajamas, and nightgowns... And I only wear Victoria's Secret's!!
W&HM: Oh, wow! Victoria's Secret, you may have a new model here!!
Ruth: yes, I only wear Victoria's Secret's. I don't know why,.. Everything I own from undergarment to pajamas, they are all Victoria's Secret's.
W&HM: Wow!
Ruth: I am their best customer. I have three of their credit cards, because I swiped them so much that they worn out...
W&HM: She is a true shopper for Victoria's Secret for sure!!
Ruth: I am, I am... Haha
W&HM: Haha. Victoria's Secret, you should pay attention to this model...
Ruth: Haha... Hint, hint.. (Winks) I need swimsuit.. Hint, hint... Haha
W&HM: Haha, everybody should pay attention to her...

W&HM: What's your hobby besides sports?
Ruth: I like to eat... Haha
W&HM: Hmm, you don't look like you eat a lot...
Ruth: I love good foods!
W&HM: Okay, what kind of good food do you like?
Ruth: I love Korean food. I love it crisp and fresh... I also love Cuban foods and Mexican foods, very very hearty foods. Depends on the moods, I sometimes eat very hearty food, or...
W&HM: Spicy?
Ruth: Yes, spicy... I used to eat JalapeƱos.

W&HM: Wow, wow, impressive! Haha... Do you also cook?
Ruth: I do now! I cook a lot of Vegan food. I love shopping in the Whole Foods market. I can spend hours and hours there.
W&HM: You should be Whole Foods Market's model too.
Ruth: Hahahaha...
W&HM: Cool! What do you like to achieve in your life and goals?
Ruth: I am studying the laws now. I love to help immigrants and help them out. I am very excited and passionate about helping out my own people, you know.
W&HM: Wow, you have so many surprise elements in you! Great!!

W&HM: So last questions, what would you like to say to your fans out there?
Ruth: Fans? I don't have fans... Hmmm, I have friends. :-) They are all my friends! For all my friends, I just want to say thank you for your love and support! Very + very appreciated!! I am humbled by the support...
W&HM: You are totally amazing!! Thank you so much!! And thank you for driving 5 hours all the way here for the magazine shoot!! You are so cool!
Ruth: Thank you!! (Flying kiss to all!!)

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