2011 CES - Tiffen Model and Miss Playboy Club

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Tiffen pulled the all stop on promotioning. The frequent appearance of quasi-celebrities has generated a strong buzz among the crowd. We believe the strategy paid off, which pit the multiple talents approach against the single celebrity appendices.

We believe that people come to CES for CES. Any levels of celebrities would be cherries on the icings on the cakes, though some are bigger than the others... However, The excessive hyped-degree of big celebrities may drown out the company's brand itself. It may be better to have entertaining values brought together with the product feature values, while at it, offer some seating facilities to help alleviating the excruciating pains after walking 100 miles inside the conventional center in 3 days...

Okay, it's an rambling editorial piece with some great pictures... :-)

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