2011 CES - Taya for TCL,

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Taya is a very special model. Not only she has a very fresh and elegant look, she also has a very kind heart and a great personality!

Here she took a nano-brief moment to pose for us, because there was always a huge crowd around her. She definitely looked amazing here!

Then she revealed her big heart and team player spirit that she took one of the field personnel to the photo op. Super cool! Our hats' off to her already!

Then she was very + very + I mean very patient demoing the product. TCL has this semi-Minority-Report-gesture-based control of your TV and programs. You just wave your hand in certain directions and the TV can turn up/down the volume, next channel, or other things. But the really important thing is that Taya was very patient coaching the attendees how to use the product. And when she was always doing something with the program even if no one stepped up to try it. That says a lot!! Great job Taya! Such an impeccable work ethics!!

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