2011 CES - More Models

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - 2011 CES Model Reportage will end here with this final article.

Esther Hanuka always look sharp and great! Her many signature features (long silky blonde hair, wonderfully decorating inks, and that super magnetic look,...) prove that she herself is an icon of the industry. Great job!

Kelly Kline looks amazing in this location. Her outstanding blonde + red combination is as stunning as Kodak's yellow and black. Besides her wonderful look, she is so friendly to talk with. Definitely a great brand ambassador for whoever hires her! Kudos!

It's definitely a different style of promotional modeling in CES. The import and car scenes are full of sensory attacks, while the work done here are the other side of the promotional modeling. It's kind of the dual natures of light, both waves and particles... Uh, okay, it's going too far... Haha

Okay, we think we may be the first one to point out the obvious. The main reason that 3D TV is not flying off the shelf is actually because the glasses. No, not just because they are expensive, or they are cumbersome. It's because it does not look chic! Say if you have the designs of, say Wayfarer, for the glasses. We bet that many people would jump on it and be cool while watching cool 3D TV/Movie programs (uh, that's another thing to talk about... Haha)

We are concluding the office secretary look with Meagen Vance & Danielle May. Both look very cool! very friendly! very technical! :-)

Yes, it's on the way home just past the Nevada and California state line. No doubt why it's called Golden State here...

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