Babe Expo - Christine Mendoza, Beckie Joon, Alicia Whitten

Hollywood, CA - Babe Expo gathered a tremendous amount of talents here, packed in a cozy lounge bar, with great showing.

Christine Mendoza always has a great crowd pleasing appearance. When you talk to her, it's like chatting with a friend, very comfortable...

Uh, we caught her at her lunch, we guess... Haha. And proves yet again that models do eat!!

The event happened during a pre-Halloween season time, so Beckie was all suited up for the occasion. She was easily one of the best cosutme dressed model there.

Here seductress eyes gave every camera a good dosage of sexiness.

Alicia Whitten is the evergreen in the scene. However, we did not see her nunchuk, or yet...

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