2010 Motormavens - Tara Love, Mayra Tinajero, and more

Irwindale, CA - In the Motormavens show, there were a few great models that we love to see but haven't seen for a while, like Tara Love.

Tara is a tall, alluring, and ... irresistible... model. She always projects a confident, magnetic, yet somewhat veiled personna that makes you want to know more about her and take more pictures of her. We must say that it's modeling 2.0. Very cool!

Mayra Tinajero and Melissa K were bunched up in the cold but dry Southern California night. The monster drink definitely brought us some warmth with these gorgeous models!

Did not catch this model's name, but it seemed to be an wonderful unspoken connection between he model and the photographer...

Julie Mai did a quick impromptu modeling session for another photographer, but still stole a moment to pose for us. Great job Julie!!

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