2010 AutoCon - Extra! Extra!

City of Industry, CA - This is the first time AutoCon is held. To say the least, it's a very unique and interesting event. First off, it's in a lower parking structure of a shopping mall. Okay, it's not that uncommon, then the number of models showed up is very high, given the patrons are not as equivalently balanced. That's rare! You get a lot more model time than say, in Formula Drift, or ex-HIN... Kudos to the organizer!! Then the most amazing thing is that the quality of the models are just above and beyond!! You definitely don't find these stunning beauties gathered in a lower parking structure of an Asian shopping mall... Many kudos to the organizer!!

Our estimate is that there were roughly 25 - 30 models give and take. And the patrons are, as one model put it, friends and friends of friends... From our observation, it has a lot of strong future waiting for the show. Great job!

Amy Tay is one of the spokesmodel for the show. She just looked stunning here!

Chaba is the other spokesmodel for the show. She articulated really well about the charity-nature of this event, which collects toys for needed children. We think the biggest charity to the magazine is that there are so many cool models!!

Eva Skye was a very pleasant surprise to have in the show. We have not seen her before, but definitely she got everything a great model requires!

Honey Jo and Tracy Linh were having fun with our camera, and we have to say that it's a lot of fun!! The true spirit of this show, uh, besides the charity thing.

Honey Jo can be super serious when the calling is there. Very cool!

Jewelyn was like a mega-butterfly in the show. We think that she could be a wonderful motivational speaker if she wants to. She can warm a crowd like no-model could. Great job!!

Julie MAi (still don't know the special meaning of the upper case "A" part. Need to find out someday) was looking really pretty in the red mini dress... More to come in the future!

Lyna Sparks has that special sparks in her feature, expressions, eyes, and connection.

Maureen Chen was definitely celebrating the Xmas that emphasizes the theme of "Charity!" So spread the love and share with your fellow charity works by donating to or helping the needed.

Raichelle Viado was so busy among cars that has kept many shutters clicking. If you use google map to plot the tracks that she has been in that parking structure, you may find the true meaning of life... Haha.

Tiffany Sheik was at the show with N2ition, a very cool auto salon company!

Tracy Linh was looking super amazing, especially with her cool tattoos! She definitely blew our minds away!

We know those characters on her torso!! It's something... something... Home... Pride. Not sure what are thecharacters under her Xmas top... Maybe we can find out one day...

Overall, from certain perspective, this is a totally awesome show. It's small, lean, yet effective and efficient! The models there were doing an amazing job of having a good time, with the patrons. The whole atmosphere was bright and fun and festive. Kind of reminding me of Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift...

Good job, folks at Autocon!! We look forward to the next year's!!

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