2010 AutoCon - Chaba and Raichelle Viado

City of Industry, CA - Chaba (pronounced Sha-ba) is one of the two spokesmodels for Autocon. She is a very cool model, in a different way than others. If you talk to her, you would feel like that she is your friend for a long time, that you can talk to her about everything, anything!

So we borrowed the opportunity to ask her a few fun questions for our exclusive interview...
W&HM: What is today's event? (an idiotic question to ask since we are here already... but she's the spokesmodel, so we obligatorily have to ask that question...)
Chaba: Today is the Autocon event. It's an automobile function plus a charity event!

W&HM: So did you drive in today? (another idiotic question to ask, but it just popped in my head, but turned out a brilliant question!!)
Chaba: I used to have an 94's EG Hatch, and I sold it...

W&HM: Then if you have all the money in the world, what would you get?
Chaba: (without pausing for 0.01 second...) a Lotus Esprit, or any Lotus car!
W&HM: You really knows what she wants!! Very cool!

W&HM: So what kind of foods do you like?
Chaba: Sushi, steaks, and... uhm... but not Blue Crabs!! NO BLUE CRABS!! If you don't like me, you can poison me with blue crabs... Haha.

(This portion of the interview is blanked out for a highly confidential secret about what she likes to wear when she goes to bed... Then she gave us that signature gesture of "Shhhhh..." Guess we have to wait for Wikileaks to reveal it... Haha.)

W&HM: Telll us what you like to say to your fans out there!
Chaba: I love all my supporters!!! (then a moment of seriousness and sincerity) I LOVE all my supporters!!

W&HM: Thank you!
Chaba: :*-)


Raichelle Viado was one of the most hard working, fun-loving, and energy-pumping models in the show!! There will be a lot more to come!!

[TIP] If you don't know what to ask a model, ask her what's her favorite food... A hint, do some good research on Sushi. It will pay off handsomely...
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