SEMA 2010 - Extra Extra (2)

Las Vegas - This is the continuation of the great SEMA 2010 Promotional Models Field Reportage.

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Amanda Gift for Mazdaspeed has a classy and sexy turtleneck top. She definitely got the Mazda racing brand out loud and bright! Great job Amanda!
(19) Amanda Gift from MazdaSpeed

At Oracle, not the computer company Oracle, Tiffani Hartenstein and her partner were so lively at the show that brightened up the booth very much! Great job!
(20) Models from Oracle

At Got2b Wireless, The two models, again a blonde and a brunette, showed us how cool the company's offerings are.
(21) Models from Got2b Wireless

The wonderful model in Eleven International / Clazzio, showed us the company's soft cushion seat that has style and substance.
(22) Model from Eleven International / Clazzio

Oh, our records skip a bit and this is the other model that was with Amanda Gift at Mazdaspeed.
(23) Model from MazdaSpeed

The folks from WD-40 brought us a stunning and professional model here. Not only she did a great job in highlighting the company's product, she also reminded us about the other company modeling activities at the show. She is definitely a high-performer!! Very cool!
(24) Model from WD-40

These two ladies from Boy Toys HD came up from nowhere, but definitely caused some raised eyebrows.
(25) Models from Boy Toys HD

The model from Thermacor Inc. actually looked very sharp at the booth. Very cool!
(26) Model from Thermacor Incorporated

The models from Ultra Lube did an excellent job there! Not only they attracted many people's attentions, they directed the attention to the company's brand and products. Great job showing the products here!

Jessie Geneva looked really perky and brought everybody a smile there!
(27) Jessie Geneva from Ultra Lube

Uh, we did not catch her name this time... There is always a tomorrow!!
(28) Model #2 from Ultra Lube

Halek was proudly showing the company's catch phrase "Get Your Boner's Here". Great job!!
(29) Halek from Boner

Callie Yeager was showing "Zexx Auto Cologne Wax", which sounds very exotic! But then the company is from Canada. We love Canada!!
(30) Callile Yeager from Zexx Auto Cologne Wax
We really like to know that "??" in the disappearing ?? We have to say that the curvature is too great to it requires a 3D capture instead.
(31) Model from ??

Sara Pilato from Kinetik helped us to conclude this Extra Extra coverage.
(32) Sara Pilato from Kinetik

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