SEMA 2010 - Diablo Wheels, 2 Crave Models

Las Vegas - Diablo Wheels hired two highly fashionable models, Esther Hanuka and Monica Bailey. Both have the ad vanguard decorations on their arms and their dresses are ultra chic. Great work Diablo, and amazing work Esther, Monica!

Yes, they are busy signing their posters away!

Esther gave us a bit more attention over here.

2 Crave was doing great as well, having multiple talents to divert the attentions from the show floor. Harmony Moniz immediately got our attention with her stunning look!

2 Crave uniform is really unique and cool. They would look good on anybody! Great design!!

[TIP] Even if you have taken pictures of the models, walk around a bit and come back to take more, if you feel the needs. Sometimes the first time is not the best time for the final results.

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