2010 (Nov) Redline Time Attack - Nicole Marie and Miss Redline Time Attack Finals

Fontana, CA - Nicole Marie was one of the brightest star at the Redline Time Attack show. Her fresh and amicable personality won many photographers' camera clicks. Of course, her amazing physique also contributed to the great presence of hers there! :-)

And here are the last series of the Miss Redline Time Attack bikini competition. Last but not the least is Summer Chaplin. She was born and raised in the sunny California! Super cool!

Here is where the true talent comes in. You can try to have this stance, and you will find that it's not easy, or actually down right unnatural! However, Summer made it looks so easy and effortless, and elegant! That's what we call professional!! Great job Summer!

Every beauty contest must have a very big and happy ending! Everybody comes out for final attention grabbing and flash popping! You are all winners!!

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