2010 (Nov) Redline Time Attack - Genevieve Chanelle, April Miller, Aurora Zenia, Summer Chaplin

This is the continuing coverage of the Miss Redline Time Attack beauty contest with the final finalists.

Genevieve Chanelle definitely had a strong presence. Her strong fashion sense, simple but elegant, and her strong look, bold yet feminine, won a lot of people's heart, as well as their camera clicks.

April Miller had a brief appearance on the stage...

Aurora Zenia knew how to warm the crowd, which was not needed anyway, because the crowd loved her already.

Summer Chaplin gave us a girl-next-door feel and is very friendly on the stage, with a tint of shyness, which worked very well to the crowd as well.

Next, Bikini contest!!

[TIP] Get your gears ready before you leave the door, so that you can quickly pull out of your camera when you arrive at the event, instead of fumbling through stuffs and miss the key shots.

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