2010 (Nov) Redline Time Attack - Chaba, Kay Bae, Jei Lynn

Chaba has her own signature look! Beautiful pose and wonderful composition!! Great job Chaba!!

She is such a personable model. It feels like that you can talk to her about anything!! Everybody should try it next time!

Kay Bae is the first time here that we reported. She has a fresh face and a fiery modeling talent!

Jei Lynn is looking amazing both on stage and on earth... :-) Being Miss Redline Las Vegas, she is full of hospitality and friendship! Super cool!! Always great to see her!

Real models do eat!! :-)

[TIP] You can ask the models to do certain poses or things, so that it's not a mundane pose-click-pose-click routine for both parties. However, be polite and be considerate. If she is busy, come back later. If she is not interested, don't press on...
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