2010 LA Autoshow Models

This year's LA Autoshow opened with some exciting new cars and news. GM chose this timing to go IPO, and many other car makers are also pulling many punches! Wheels and Heels Magazine adds more reports of this exciting show with our unique coverage.

BMW, 6-series...

VW genius lighting!

VW genius big screen!

VW genius models!

VW Genius Car!

The elegant Range Rover Model!

Fisker dynamic duo!!

The amicable and friendly Ford model

PortraitsofHope.org happy models!

More Ford models!

Lincoln Model looking fab!

More Ford models!

Chrysler models at the booth

Nissan's Zero Emi...

Rolls-Royce stunning model!

Lotus! Making big impact!

Lotus Models!

The grandmothers of Wheels And Heels!!! We salute you!!

If you feel unsatisfied, go down one floor and you will find DUB Show Live there!

[TIP] Build your professional network and help each other out. It will come back in an unexpected exciting way...
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