November 30, 2010

Babe Expo - Continued Coverage

Hollywood, CA - This is the continuation of the BabeExpo coverage earlier in the month.

Gina Darling always looks good in photo (and in person too!)

And she is a very personable model too!!

Very personable!! :-)

Eve or the green fairy? You be the judge...

Alicia Whitten and Corissa Furr are always a super dynamic duo!

Diamonds are the girl's best friends, even better when they are on their cell phones...

The illusive Misa Campo...

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November 29, 2010

W&HM Featured Model Wallpaper - Jennifer Gonzalez

Our FIRST monthly calendar wallpaper featuring the beautiful Miss Taiwan USA 2010, Jennifer Gonzalez!!

There are various sizes of the wallpaper, you can download the image that fits your screen size.

Download them here (through Flickr pages)...
(1) select the size of your screen from the below list
(2) in Flickr, click on "Actions" -> "View all sizes"
(3) click "Original" to view the original size of the wallpaper
(4) then download the wallpaper or set your screen background with this the picture.

Happy December!! The month of giving and love!!

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2010 (Nov) Redline Time Attack - Michelle Farias, Nicole Marie, Cathy Sierra

Fontana CA - Miss Redline California Speedway, Michelle Farias was so personable, that when we saw her on a little go cart fast going to her next destination, we asked her to step down and pose for us. She did not hesitate and came out (safely) and showed us her warm California Speedway personality! Great job Michelle!

The man behind the mic... He was standing outside the speedway in the pit area, but his voice was heard all over the arena, as if he was standing at the stadium platform interacting with the crowd. Very cool, very cool.

This hot Nicole Marie + Cathy Sierra series concludes our coverage of a successful 2010 Redline Time Attack grande finale here in Fontana, CA. Great job everybody!!

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November 28, 2010

2010 (Nov) Redline Time Attack - Kay Bae and More

Fontana CA - Kay Bae was new to the scene and we have not seen her before. However, that does not mean she is inexperienced. By the way she posed for us, you can tell that she is super talented and has wonderfully professed her modeling skills. Very cool!

It's a happy reunion time in the afternoon, and the music was loud and the models were hot, and the mood was festive! Good time, indeed, good time.

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