Babe Expo Overview

Babe Expo is the first time event from the famed BabeBlvd organization of this kind. They always have the top talents in the industry, and it's always an honor for models to be accepted in their line up of models.

This is the first time and they brought out lots of amazing talents here! The venue is in a restaurant/club/lounge style establishment and has an easy feel of it. The location is in the Hollywood area, on the Sunset Blvd, which is very suitable atmosphere. Los Angeles has been raining like Seattle, and only these two days had it opened up and showed us some sunshine. (As of writing at this moment, it's raining again... What a timing!)

Dianna Lushus was looking great, and super friendly to the fans and crowds, and cameras!

Beckie Joon was the Snow White with a matching very fair skin tone!
Nicole Marie was making the best use of the situation despite some challenges at hand...

Tracy Nova was sultry and cushy... She was selling her signature pillows!!

Maya was there looking great!

Raichelle Viado was the most dedicated model there, dressing up and walking up and down, and was never tired. You will not catch her looking bored or exhausted. That's the role model that we talk about!!

Christine Mendoza was in a simpler outfit, but never stopped her stunning-ness...

Natalia Marie was the most free-spirited and buzz-generating model there.

Sahar Khadjenoury was looking smashing!!! Her eyes and her expressions and her looks were just totally awesome!!

Alicia Whitten was like an angel, showing her happy and relaxed side...

Corissa Furr was like the most dedicated and most professional model there. When we were there, she was already set up, posing for people and showing her gorgeous smiles, which we can never get tired of...

You know what I meant about Natalia Marie...

Nicole Marie was not shabby either!

It's like a big party there!

Corissa Furr loves peace, and so do we!!

Ashley Malia was interesting...

Misa Campo and Dianna Lushus were hanging out in the backyard, of the lounge!

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