Spocom Super Show Long Beach Models

By Py Pai, 2010.0719 8:00AM

This is HOT off the press!! It's so hot, that we did not get a chance to size the pictures to the normal size. So here are the previews of the super talents in the Spocom Super show!


This year's Spocom Super Show in Long Beach is a super hit!! The volume of people, the amount of cars, the decibels of DJ music, the number of talents and the quality of the models, easily gets Spocom Super Show the top spot in Southern California car show world, as the king (or queen) of the car shows here...

The organization made it really easy for us to have great coverage to show the world how things should be done!! Great job guys!! Super many kudos!!!

Here are the previews of the wonderful talents that we had the great fortune to meet! Oh, they are in random order, just in case... :-)

Jamie Michelle:


Alexia Cortez:

Alicia Whitten:

Angela Guerrero:

Alicia Labady:

Beckie Joon:

Franchesca Del Carpio:

Gabby Jeanne:

Genevieve Chanelle:


Joselyn Cano:

Leianna Kai:

Lisa La:

Maya Michelle:

Miss Genna:

Monique May:

Novella Nikita:

Raichelle Viado:

Randyl Dawn:

Sheleen Dee:

Thai Marie Cali:

Theresa Larson:

Uh, I need to check my address book again...

Whew.... That's a long list. But they are just a small portion of the entire show. We will provide an extended coverage of the show, so stay tuned!!! :-)

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