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July 30, 2010

Elyse Umemoto with Nitto and Models in Spocom

Elyse has such a wonderful and diverse talent range that after a quick impromptu shoot with her in Spocom, you felt like you have gone through a great dinner of New York steaks, Chinese Kong-Pao Chickens, Italian juicy gellatos, and Moroccan sweet tea... She is just wonderful to shoot with!

And there are so many other wonderful talents in Spocom as well. Truly a must-go-to event for models, photographers, and oh, car enthusiasts too... Haha

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July 29, 2010

Tabitha Martinez and a friend, Kristine Sales in Lexani Lifestyle Show

Tabitha Martinez is a super wonderful model!! Not only she has those unmistakably long legs, perfect physique, and enticing yet sultry smiles, she has the modeling talents to make every photographer's job super easy! Definitely a great gem in the Lexani Lifestyle show!!

And her friend in the show also showed her great talent and looking very cute!

Kristine Sales has pushed the outdoor glam to a new height! She is just super photogenic and so engaging, that you feel like right in a photoshoot session with her!! She is very very cool!!

We love to see them all again and again!!

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July 28, 2010

Lexani Lifestyle Show Models

The models in the Lexani show were like a rainbow with the full range from big name starlets to girl-next-door aspiring models.

Here are the models from The Bail Hot Line:

As well as from myautoplus.com:

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July 27, 2010

Crystal Mendez, Paulina Garcez, Criss Padilla

In the Lexani Lifestyle Show, there were quite a few wonderful, gorgeous and amazing models, that made my lobster skinned burns all the worthy... :-)

Here is Crystal Mendez. She is tall, lean, stunning, and above all, a super talented model!! Not an easy combination in the import scene. Our hat's off to her!!

Criss Padilla is a great model and actress. Wonderful work!!

Paulina Garcez was friendly and warm, especially in this hot and dry weather in Anaheim. Her curves are like a modern marvel architectural building, endless and perfect!

We love to see them again and again and again!!
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