Emma Cortez - Low Rider Show

The Low Rider show in San Bernardino was in a beautiful Sunday, with the hot + hot + hot + hot sun. The temperature was easily above 98F, which is human body temperature. With all the chrome, metal, big metal, etc., man, it was HOT!!

But Emma was such a champion! She withstood the sun, the heat, the dryness, the crowd, the friendly photo ops, as well as not so friendly posing requests... She is super cool, a fresh air, a calm and awesome model!

If I were there doing the modeling, I think my skin would be burned left and right and up and down... It was HOT!

Finally we were inside a show room warehouse, which is much cooler... Thank goodness. But Emma did not show any sign of slowing down, after more than an hour outside in the sun. She is an energizer bunny!! Wow!! My hats off to Emma!!

With all the extreme conditions that we endured, let's give Emma a big applause!!! A truly exceptional model!! Hopefully we will see her more in more shows!!

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