June 30, 2010

Kim Dominhik, N2ition Auto Salon

N2ition Auto Salon models were a little gem among the named stars and competitive pageantry.  The three models were so sunny and lively, that made the desert such an appropriate backdrop.  

Kim Dominhik is a wonderful model and was assertively friendly in the event.  She brought the sun and sunshine to the photos by herself.  Hopefully we will see her more, maybe in Spocom that is coming up!  

Also check out her web site: http://kimdominhik.com for more information and follow her twitter page: http://twitter.com/kimdominhik

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June 29, 2010

Alexia Cortez and Natalia Marie

Now we are in the vendor booth area.  Mind you that it was HOT that day, dry, desert, lifeless, pure HOT there...

Well, Natalia and Alexia were sooo cool that it was soooo hot!  If there were wind chill factors to lower temperature by wind, here are model heat factors to raise temperature by showing their hotness!!

When Natalia started to look at you, or at Alexia, there is a strange and arousing mood in there...  It's like something is about to happen!!!   

The Sparx Girls also showed off their hotness by posing gorgeously!

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June 28, 2010

Jessica Barton - Mini Series Postscript

Here is a visual anecdote of Jessica's warm personality and congenial star quality!

This was at the conclusion of the beauty/bikini contest, that all models went on the stage for a final appearance.

However, our #3 model was unaware of her sign number upside down... This is a disaster!! People may vote for #E instead of #3!! Somebody needs to save her from losing her votes!!

The air was hot, dry, and tense, like "Once Upon a Time in the West"... The suspense, the drama, the intensity... Ahhhh

Then dashed in Jessica!!! She took a step forward after she spotted the unaware distressed model!

But she was blocked by #4, like Kobe Bryant blocked by Celtic in the final game of 2010 NBA championship.

Jessica must have practiced fencing before. Her move was flawless!

Okay, the physical rescue action was not successful, then Jessica used the intellectual approach to #4.

Finally #3 was saved!! Nice save, Jessica!!

But wait!! #7 was doing the same!!

Now people had to vote for #L instead of #7...

Finally, the earth returned to normalcy and peace around the globe!! :-)

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June 27, 2010

Jessica Barton - Mini Series 3/3

This is the conclusion of the Jessica Barton coverage mini series. With the feedbacks that we got, Jessica, we love to see you more!! Come back to Southern California!!

You can read all parts of the coverage:

You will not be disappointed at all!!

Thank you again Jessica!!

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