XDC Las Vegas Preview - W&HM

This round of XDC is in Las Vegas, in a strong wind, high heat, and super dry open space. This time, yours truly drove 4+ hours, passed SEVERAL police pull-over scenes, looked over the beautiful downtown Las Vegas, to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The models there were incredible!! Many of them are tall, slim, beautiful and friendly!! Here are some preview photos...

Natalia Marie was there as well!! Always a great show celebrity to see!

Las Vegas is full of drama and suspense; uh, I mean the show here, not the TV drama... Haha. There was a verbal cat fight on the stage, which added a lot more excitement to the beauty contest.

So many hot models that totally matched the hot weather out there. There will be A LOT MORE of them coming soon here... Stay tuned!!

And yes, yours truly drove another 4 hours back home..., completely satisfied with a $9.95 Prime Rib combo dinner... Yum! :-)"

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