Wheels And Heels Mag Featured Model: Jenny Bby

This is the part 2 following the part 1 feature of Jenny Bby.

I got a chance to do a quick interview with Jenny Bby.  It's brief but always fun to talk to her...

W&HM: Hey, great job in the shoot!  How long you have been modeling?
Jenny: It's about a year now.

W&HM: How do you like it so far?
Jenny: I love it!!!!   I love meeting with new people, taking great pictures, and meeting with new people... :-)


H&WM: If you have all the money in the world, what kind of car would you get??
Jenny: It will be a Lamborghini!!  I love speed!!!

H&WM: Really, what was the highest speed you drove so far?
Jenny: It was like more than 100+ mph!  I was driving a Corvette!!  That was fun!!

H&WM: Okay, which city do  you like to go in your future trip most?
Jenny: MIAMI!!  I love water, beaches and Disney!!!  I love Disney everything!! :-D"

Jenny: To all my fans out there, I love you!!!  Please check out my site:


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