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April 28, 2010

Wheels And Heels Mag - Tracy Nova & Friend

Tracy is a super nova!! She is!! Here is her website:

She was at the Spocom booth having a wonderful time. I just had to ask her for a nano-photo-shoot at the spot. Hopefully we can do more in the future to do the justice of her beauty with a great car!

Keep up the good work, Tracy!!


I really should know her name by heart and by now... I've seen her so many times! I guess that I am just bad with names... Sorry beautiful model!

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April 27, 2010

Wheels And Heels Mag - Summer Daniels

Wheels And Heels Mag @ Formula Drift in Long Beach - Summer Daniels

Summer is a total talent package! She can model and strike gorgeous poses to any cameras at any time. Always leave the photographers with amazing photos.

But more is that she is the lead vocalist of the band Speaker Junkies ( http://speakerjunkies.com/ ). I've seen them performed in multiple locations and she and the band always + always gave out their 110%!! Check them out definitely!

She is so vibrant and lively in person. When you start chatting with her, she's like your long lost friend from elementary school. It's always fun and warm to catch up with her.

Summer has that classical American beauty. This is a perfect setting for her with the retro wear and vintage cars. So I dabbed a bit creative touch on the photos to create that feel... :-)

There will be more fantastic photos of her coming in the future articles. So please stay tuned!

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April 26, 2010

Wheels And Heels Mag Featured Model - Eva

Wheels And Heels Mag .Com presents Featured Model: Eva

We first saw Eva in the the Drag Race show out in warm + hot + scorching Fontana, some 50 miles east of LA (but not East LA...) The show was not big by any measure, but she totally brought the show to match the heat out there. During the beauty contest, she totally stood out and gave the best performance!

We saw her again in the HIN show last year, and she's looking better and better! So we decided to do a feature of her and her car! She is totally cool and super dedicated!! Many super kudos!!

She drives a cool black Mustang and they are really meant for each other! The lines and the curves and the shapes are seamlessly integrated together!

Despite the freezing water, she jumped right in, flashed her brilliant smile and totally melted the camera!

She is totally amazing, stunningly talented, and fabulously cool!! Great job!!!

A previous coverage of her: http://www.25visuals.com/2009/03/hin-la-red-series-jelly-eva.html
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April 23, 2010

Wheels And Heels Mag - Helen Fancik

Helen is always great to meet, especially in the Hankook booth. Her bright smile and sparkling eyes match the orange/white uniform perfectly. I am really happy to see her again, because the last time was a long time ago (at least internet time...) She looked more gorgeous than before!

There were gazillion people around to take pictures, or trying to take pictures, or just trying to find out what's going on that so many people there... I guess this is a "Car Show Lifestyle" shoot now...

Katrina and Helen!

She had to go somewhere. Otherwise, this will be a 2-hours shoot session... :-)

Keep up the good work Helen!

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April 22, 2010

WheelsAndHeelsMag.com - Liz Rein and Kim Decker

Liz Rein (Right) and Kim Decker (Left) were always warm and happy when I was walking around their booth. Well, they were warm and happy in general. What a fantastic duo!

The key to have a lively shot is to tell jokes, non-stop, and funny ones too...

Love those smiles!

When they smile at you and pose, it's so cool and sexy!

Beautiful pairs of the pair!

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April 20, 2010

Wheels And Heels Mag - Natalia Marie

The first time I met Natalia Marie was back in XDC just a month ago. Maybe I've seen her before, but definitely not as striking and impressing than these two times. Whenever she's there, there sure will be a crowd there.

Not only she has that sultry look, she can pose to make you feel instantly enticed...

With such a talent, she must be doing super well in whatever she does! I sure will find more of her in other venues as well.

Great job Natalia Marie!!! We at Wheels And Heels Mag .Com here salute you for a great job done!!

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