November 29, 2009

Formula Drift - Cooper Tires

The Cooper Tires models are always wonderful at the show. They are so energetic and fun to shoot with, the booth also comes with loud music which helped the atmosphere. Very cool!


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November 27, 2009

Formula Drift - Black Bikini

There was somewhat uneasiness between the model and the photographer (me!)  I wasn't sure if she was ready to be photographed, and I think she wasn't sure if she wanted be photographed, or by me...  Well the awkwardness was bleeding through the pictures... :-/   

Not sure how the stand-off-ish situation can be resolve,d but sure it's an interesting equation to solve, on top of other factors to consider... :-)

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November 21, 2009

Helen Fancik @ Forumla Drift Irwindale

Helen is looking better and better over the past months. She is definitely a shooting star! Her golden hair under the October sun reminds me many star icons from the past carefree year! :-)


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November 17, 2009

Ashely Sarto, Helen Fancik, Janelle Ha, Hankook Girls

These are ladies are just perfection in their perfection hankook uniform. Everyone has that genuine smile and always has a good pose for the photographers.

Ashley always has that mysterious magic in her, and Helen is always ready to flash a happy sunny smile, while Janelle emits that Asian beauty in an American style. All these four models are super cool! Keep up the good job ladies!!

[TIP] Look through your viewfinder, if you see flying hair around the model's face, just pause and ask her to fix it. These photos set a reminder to you what not to do... :-)
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November 13, 2009

Yellow Dress in Formula Drift

Uh, today is a bit slow and it's Friday the 13th...  Have  a spooky Friday and a wonderful weekend!!! :-)

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November 12, 2009

Corissa Furr at Formula Drift Irwindale

Corissa is one of the most photogenic car show models that I've seen over the time... Not only she has the captivating crystal like eyes, she is so personable that you feel that you are her best friend! She's always ready to throw tons of poses for you, and they all look amazing! It's only the photographer that would screw any photos of her... Haha...

If the phrase "simply the best!" is not too cliche, Corissa is definitely titled with one! Keep up the good work!!

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November 11, 2009

Formula Drift - Lauren

There stood Lauren...  She is a really friendly model.  Not only she stood out among her peers, her sunny personality immediately attract your attention, even though it was super hot during the show...  Her warm smile and friendliness would make you feel like you would appreciate a girl-next-door like Lauren by your home... in California... on the beach... right next to an open bar...   Haha...

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