October 29, 2009

DUB SB - Rachel

Rachel, the one on the left, was super friendly, not just to the model to her right, but also to the photographer in front of her. I was using a mid-range lens and captured the hotness between the two, as if it was in a studio. Very cool for the very hot couple there!!! Keep up the good work Rachel!!

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October 27, 2009

DUB SB - Elis

Elis has a wonderful personality and is super personable! She can share life stories with you as if you were her buddy for years. Super cool!

I learned that she will be featured in the Low Rider Magazine in the near future. Many + many kudos, Elis!! Keep it up!

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October 26, 2009

DUB SB - Nikki DeRego

Nikki is not only an amazing model, who knows how to pose, how to project, how to entice, she also has her own bike, and were featured on the cover of High Speed Magazine March 2009 issue!!  Talking about both the beauty and the brain, plus an extra dosage of super adrenaline!!  And she is a take no BS type of person, and I am sure that if she wants, she can kick anybody's back!!  :-)

[TIP] Raise your camera and lower your camera, and don't be afraid to  be too close...  It's never too close...

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October 24, 2009

DUB SB - Erica

This DUB show is totally out of this world's experience. At first it was not a whole lot actions going on. Then as the day went by, more and more happenings left and right, as if everybody has just finished a bottle of cool beer...

I met Erica while the show is getting really crowded. She has a really cool personality and she reminded me of Roselyn Sanchez very much, who I think is really dedicated and talented. Erica has a pair of very long legs, which make any dress on her look like on a runway fashion. Very cool! Wish her go all the way to the top!

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October 23, 2009

DUB @ SB - Emma with Playboy Tattoos

Emma is so easy to shoot with!  When I asked her, she immediately found a super chick green car, and started to pose and court to the camera.   She even asked me, "don't you want to photo the playboy tattoo?"  She is super cool and knows her best assets!!  Great work, Emma!! 

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October 19, 2009

DUB SB - Sol

Sol is a very sweet model. Her eyes sparkled with dreams and joys. She was so personable and did a marvelous job in posing and flashing her smiles. When everybody was photographing the other model, I tapped her shoulder and asked her to do a photosession in front of a car. In no time, she whipped up a large crowd without even trying. However, she never left her attention to my camera. That's what I call a true professional! Great job, Sol!!

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October 17, 2009

Sasha Singleton

Sasha Singleton always amazes you when you talk to her. The places that she's been lately, Hawaii, Asia, all over the globe, probably even outnumbered the US cities that I've been to...  With the super hot weather,  this super hot model can cause your camera to melt and the flash to burn out in no time...  Keep up the good work Sasha!!

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Comic Con - Costume Last Batch!

Comic Con is really the Summer version of Halloween... There were so many genuine work and crated to perfection people there!! Be inspired, and get your Halloween costume and make up ready!! :-)

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