July 30, 2009

Crystal @ Extreme Autofest SD

Crystal is a different model than any others that I've seen in the show, or any other show. She possesses  that high fashion model quality, and a super model professionalism, as well as super personable attention!

I can totally see her in a fashion runway, strutting D&G stylish clothing, or Dsquare edgy outfits...  Very cool model.  Wish you all the luck, Crystal!!

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July 29, 2009

Beauty in Extreme AutoFest @ SD

As happened many times in the past, I did not get this beautiful model's name so that I can share with the world... Old dog can't learn new trick, but I am an old cat!! Oh well...

She is just wonderful to shoot with! At first she was standing there with a BIG smile. Then she climbed up the bike...  She did some really elegant and gorgeous poses on the bike, effortlessly, as if she is just sitting on a comfortable sofa... My hat off to her for her talent, professionalism as well as such a pleasant personality in front of the camera!! 

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July 28, 2009

Jenny Chu + Helen Su @ Extreme Autofest SD

Jenny and Helen are two great models, especially in the stage go-go dancing!  Together they performed some of the most memorable go-go dancing that I've seen.   Ma Ma Mia!  They are the dancing queens!!!

Jenny looks particular good in that outfit!  Her straight hair style with the clean white top, reminds me of Maria in the Sound of Music, for some reason... O:-)

Helen always deliver a hearty smile!  It's hard to stop snapping great pictures of her...  Especially when she started her peace sign geature!!  :-D

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July 27, 2009

Leianna Kai @ AutoFest SD

Leianna is our featured model in 25Visuals.com.  Even though her modeling career only started less than a year, she is like a  super star that everybody wanted to meet her in the show!!  Nonetheless, she kept her cool and super friendly to all her fans!!  What a cool girl!!

Notice the parallel in this photo below?  Life does imitate art!!  :-)

Besides being a gorgeous and great model, Leianna also does voice performance and has her own album!!  I got a chance to purchase her album and listened to it several times.  She really has that strong and passionate voice in her.  Can't wait to see one day she performs!!  That would be super cool!!

Keep up the good work, Leianna!!

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July 26, 2009

Incredible Model!!

If the previous model has the best legs in the show, this model is the best overall in the show!! She has that angelical smile yet a devilish figure...  She not only can stop traffic in the show, she can create traffic in the show for sure!  She was definitely a very pleasant surprise!!

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July 24, 2009

Appreciation of a Leggy Model

Wow, was what I can say back then.  I think she has the best legs in the show.  Definitely attracted much attention and stopped enough traffic...  Wow... 

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