2009 E3 Booth Babes, E3 Girls, Promo Models are Here!!!

Los Angeles, CA (Py Pai) - Extra! Extra! E3 Booth Babes are BACK!!! E3 Girls are here. And E3 Promotional models have resurfaced!!

Here are the proofs!

After several years of "prohibition E3" shows, E3 is finally coming back with a bang!! Although it still feels like a little puppy sheepishly coming out of her dog house after being bitten by a snake, this year E3 has totally restored the confidence in gaming audience and model/talent fans!! Extra Bonus points to the organization!! (And the mayor said that 2010 E3 will be here again!! Looking for more next year too!)

There are many beautiful, tall, vibrant, and fun (after all you are in E3!!) models in the show. Some dressed up in glamorous costumes according to their vendors' games or themes, and some just dressed up to impress!! I was very impressed, indeed.

Here are some samples from the show. I will show them in the following days (there are so many of them!) in various articles. So stay tuned!!

Yes!! :-)

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