25Visuals Featured Model: Camay Dee

From the very first picture, you can tell that Camay Dee is simply amazing!! Even Darth Vader would say "Impressive...Hhh...Most...Uh...SUPER Impressive!... Hehe..."

Tall, slender, photogenic, Camay got it all!  She started modeling since she was 14.  Now she is back into the import car scene! (Great luck for us!)

Just like many great super models in the world, Camay went to a car show to see her friend, and then she was asked if she wanted to do modeling.  That's how she launch her huge future modeling career!

Even though she just started, she has been to several places in Califronia.  She set her eyes on Hawaii (who wouldn't?), Las Vegas (Where things are happening!!), and many other places!!  (Guys, ask her to be in your location!!  She will be more than happy to see  you there!  I mean your city!!!)  For now her favorite travel city so far is San Francisco!  I am sure that she will discover more and more favorites will be in her history tab!

Camay likes spicy stuffs!!!  (Not the spicy "stuffs", guys!)  She meant the food!  She loves Thai food and Italian food (hmm, did not remember Italian to be spicy, but passionate for sure!)  

For all the cars out there, she loves the Skyline GTR!! (Hey, it's not the first time I heard this... What's up with Skyline GTR that so many gorgeous models are attracted to...)  But her taste always changes though, preserving her prerogative...   She loves pearl white, like eye catching, like eye-catching-her... :-)

At the end, she would like to thank her fans out there and welcome new fans.  You can find more about her at: http://www.myspace.com/camaybaby  It's a very well design page!!  Check her out!!

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