March 30, 2009

HIN LA - LBD Again!

That little black dress (LBD) strikes again!  It's one of the best things in life that a beautiful model wears a LBD and poses in front of your camera!!  :-)

March 28, 2009

HIN LA - Gabby

I saw her "rise up" in the HIN show circle almost from the beginning.  Gabby always has that  mystic and easy gentle comfort around her.   She is really cool.  Now I see her has totally changed her style from the past.   Wish her all best luck!

March 27, 2009

HIN LA - Cell Phone Cutie!

When I saw her, I had to just ask her for a quick shoot.  I asked her to keep her cell phone as if she was talking with a friend.  It turned out to be a fun 60 seconds  nano photosession!  It's too bad that I did not get her 411, so we can arrange for a real shoot... Well, next time I hope!

HIN LA - Simply Gorgeous at AIT Racing

These two models, Jessica (blonde) and Dayna (Brunette) are looking really marvelous in front of the AIT Racing car!! 

March 26, 2009


The two gorgeous models in the Rare JDM spot know how to interact with cameras.  They  can be sultry, flirty, happy or super bright!  Just Fantastic!!

March 25, 2009

HIN LA - Doris Lu

Doris is such a sweet model that she totally radiates innocence, cuteness, and angelical purity!  She will definitely be a great model in the near future!!!  Best of luck!

You can check out her myspace page at:

March 24, 2009

HIN LA - Anatomy of a Beautiful Walk

She's one of the NOS girls, but her legs can go on for ever!  The microskirt isn't really made for walking, I guess...

March 23, 2009

HIN LA - Red Series (Jelly, Eva)

Jelly and Eva are always warm to meet and great to hang out with!  This is a red series, I guess...

NOTE: Prepare your business card...  Most models love to have their pictures from you!

March 22, 2009

HIN LA - Gorgeous Blonde!!

I really should have known her name by now.  However,  she was just gorgeous standing there, flashing million dollor smile, and acting really friendly!! What could a photographer ask!  She is perfect!

March 21, 2009

HIN LA - SHOW Mag + Autosport

In the afternoon, models were just warming up to the crowd.   The Gaussian excitement curve is ramping up for sure... :-)

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