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February 28, 2009

Starlet of the Year Hostess - Ursula Mayes

In Southern California, the famed PubDistrict has put together a very popular event, "Starlet of the Year Award" at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa, CA.  The hostess is Ursula Mayes, who is not only gorgeous, but also talented, personable, and perfectly photogenic!

More pictures in the earlier posts to show how stunning people were in thta event!  And I was lucky enough to be a photographer there.  Check out the entire photo collection! 

Starlet of the Year

Starlet of the Year

Starlet of the Year Award

February 11, 2009

What a Very Fit Car Model

She was one the highlights in the Autofest Anaheim car show event.  The show was not that great, and I was just a learner back then...  Looking back, things have changed much...  More amaturish photos to follow... :-)

February 4, 2009

Cute Flag Girl in Drift Car Race

Here is a short sequence of the flag girl action in the Redbull Drift Championship.  She seemed to be super thrilled every time she waved down the flag, and the two souped up cars accelerating right by her...  Feel like smoking! 

February 3, 2009

Helen Fancik in Redbull Drift

She's one of the most striking blond in the event. Together with Ashley Sarto, they are such a heaven-send duo!!

February 1, 2009

Redbull Drift Car Show Models (Revisited #5)

This Asian car show model is just amazing! She dressed in a simple black dress, but her expression is just drawing you in and share with her in her world. She's like an actress and can in 10 seconds give you different moods and different looks. Not many models can do that... She is just great to photograph with!

More Ashley Sarto

Guess I just cannot stop sharing her wonderful pictures!! Well, there will be more! :-)


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