January 31, 2009

Redbull Drift Car Show Models (Revisited #4)

I really should know her name by now. I've seen her at HIN show, and other wonderful car shows. She has that exotic yet sultry look that makes her modeling so unique and enticing!

The tall blond girl on the left saved my life that day. When I was lost around Long Beach, a little Redbull mini car pulled up, and then this sunny and beautiful blond girl jumped out and asked me if I want a soda. I asked for the direction to the Redbull Champion Drift car show. She told me where to find the tricky parking spot and shuttle. Without her, there will be no gorgeous pictures of these car show model beauties, and I would have gone home totally frustrated...

They are just looking good as the attendees of the show.

January 30, 2009

Redbull Drift Car Show Models (Revisited #3)

Sasha is a versatile model that can morphed into any character that she likes. Her pink bikini and the micro miniskirt (or nano skirt!) are just impossible to miss. Her great physique just makes this outfit impeccable and she pulled it off flawlessly!

Redbull Drift Car Show Models - Ashley Sarto, More!

More Ashley!! She is sure smoking hot!!!

Redbull Drift Car Show Models - Ashley Sarto

Ashley is just amazing!  Her long legs and gorgeous hair, slim body and sunny personality, are just a perfect dream come true!  She stole 1/3 of all my pictures shot during this show that day.  She's just incredible!!  Her "Import Tuner interview" shows how she is so nice to be with and easy to get along.  Hats off to her and love to see more of her!!

I am planning an Ashley blitz that will show more of her later in the blog.  Stay tuned!

January 29, 2009

Redbull Drift Car Show Models (Revisited #2)

This model is not a professional model, but nonetheless, she is just spectacular in person and she really should be a model! She is from Japan, but her fluent English just amazes me and made me thought that she is our local next door girl.

She does not look too happy in this series...

But he is! :-)

January 28, 2009

Redbull Drift Car Show Models (Revisited #1)

Since Feb is usually a slow month for car shows, here are some of the wonderful work with the RedBull Champion Drift show models, at Long Beach, California, last year, 2008 (thank goodness it's done and gone...)  

Click this picture and you can feel the scale and surrealistic scenary at the formula drift world.


They are the first pair of models that I met at the event.  They were so friendly and welcoming the posing opportunity.  It's a good welcome moment when I arrived there.

I think the umbrellas have that diffusing light effects.  They naturally make the models look wonderful!

The backdrop just could not be better than this one!

@ My tip: Politely keep asking for shooting pictures of beautiful models.

Lou Lesko - A Wise and Wonderful Photographer

I was listening to a podcast of "Candid Frame" hosted by Ibarionex R. Perello, which is a style of expert interviews.  I found many many great stories and tips from that podcast series.  I highly recommend everybody to subscribe to this podcast and support them.  It's a gem in the iTune store, especially among other photography themed podcasts.

One expert that they featured is Lou Lesko, He is a fashion photographer and has been in the industry for more than 20 years.  He is extremely experienced in the fashion photography industry, and also very elquent.  In his web site, he wrote several articles, Lou Lesko's Articles and they are truly a necessary read for any fashion-related photographers and wannabe models.  His witty writing style is the icing on the cake of his very insightful analysis of the industry.  It's very fascinating to read!  Highly recommended!  Take a break and read some of his articles.  You will love them!

January 25, 2009

This is probably the final batch of 2008 HIN Nightshift show pictures.  This is one of the very best photo experience with my DSLR camera.  The 50mm fixed prime lens was performing incredible and produced beyond belief pictures.  It was really a perfect time, location, lighting, equipment, me (:-)), and of course the great models!!!  I owe all these to them.  Again, hats off to the hard working models!! 

January 24, 2009

Leianna is just Gorgeous!!

When I approached her, Leianna was standing there by herself, being pretty.  She really has that fresh big eye look, which doesn't exist in many models any more...  She is really cooperative and friendly.  I just could not stop taking pictures of her at the moment.  Great model! 

January 23, 2009

Black Belts of Car Show Models

I really did not know what they were doing while taking this picture...  I guess they were singing a song, I really guessed...

@ Note to myself, stay away from the model so that your shadow is not blocking them...

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