November 29, 2008

Legs to Perfection

When she was standing there, holding an umbrella for a race driver, the shutter just kept clicking automatically. I still don't quite get the logic of a skinny girl holding an umbrella for a macho guy race car driver. I guess it's the capitalism at work, and mixed with both direct and indirect marketing...

November 25, 2008

Lynhthy is Super Athletic!

Lynhthy has that sunny personality yet with a twist of sophistication. Her toned figure shows off her athletic power, that seems to be able to marathon 100 miles, swim 100 Kms, and then still dance the whole night long... She is simply amazing!

@Tip: At first, Lynhthy was sitting behind a table. I kindly asked her to come out for some poses, and she gladly accepted it. It turned out to be a win-win situation for both of us. I guess the trick is to ask nicely... :-)

November 21, 2008

Kay is Much More than OK!

Kay has that great managerial concept. Not only she will give you the perfect poses for you, she also knows how to control the crowd and make sure everybody got their fair share of time with her. She is excellent!!

@Tip: Think like a fashion photographer. Not only you want to record a beautiful model, try to make a story, a theme, or a striking point out of her. It adds much more umphs to the pictures.

Sasha has that cha-cha-cha!

Sasha has that playful seriousness when she posed. She is friendly and distant at the same time. I guess that's the ying-yang that we all love in a drama.

@My Takeaway: if the show is a two day event, and you don't have a press schedule, ask the models when they will show up for the next day, so you don't miss the good opportunities. Sometimes they come in early, and you can get ahead of the crowd.

November 20, 2008

Corissa is Cream of the Crop

Corissa possesses that super professionalism quality. All her poses are so "right-on" and present her enticing features. I think she truly shows the difference between a professional and an almost one.

@Tip Learned: Really watch out for the tent shadow. Once the picture is taken, with half dark and half bright (like the 2nd one), it's very hard to recover to a satisfactory contrast level.

Elizabeth is at her best!

Elizabeth has a slender figure that accentuate the curves of the cars behind her. She provides such a great promotional effects that make you want to come close and check them out.
@Tip Learned: Always watch out for the lighting condition. Don't let the sun cut through a person's face or figure (like the 3rd picture), as much as possible.

Sarah is like Sahara, HOT!

Sarah may seem to be a new model on the scene, but her eyes and expressions are nothing but professional.
@Tips Learned: The "under-the-tent" shooting was challenging without a flash. Always bring a flash with you even during outdoor shoots.

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