It All Started Here... 2000/2001 E3 Shows Then 2007 HIN San Diego and Formula Drift / Py Pai

This is where all things started.  We got a chance to attend the 2000 E3 Show and we were blown away by the sheer entertainment excitements put together by the big game makers.

Back then, E3 was at its golden era with all the celebrations of games, entertainment, promotions being at their heights and little institution mandated ceiling on how people should dress or how promotions can go.  It was a very good time.

After the E3 show fall out, which it went into hiatus, the whole scene seemed to be doomed... However, a different genre would come in to play with biggest full force and lots of horse powers, literally...

Car show industry, was growing leaps and bounds.  With the car youth in mind, the promotion euphoria was fully in the air and in sight.  We went to the first car show ever, 2007 Hot Import Nights, San Diego (at Chula Vista) and we were totally stunned.

How could there so many beautiful and leggy models in their most sexy dresses or wears, were so welcoming and so camera super friendly?!  That was like a lightning strike right through our brain...

As perfectionist minded as we are, we started the journey then and went into an organized practice, to become the Wheels and Heels Magazine later on.  And the rest is history...

We highly appreciate all the models who showed us their best, and worked with us to create awesome works all along the way... It's hundreds, if not to a thousand... And we also want to help building a thriving and healthy model community that true talents are discovered and real professionals rewarded.  Long live the promotional modeling world!!

2000 E3 Show Models

 2001 E3 Show Models

 2007 Formula Drift Models (Falken)

 2007 Hot Import Nights San Diego Models 

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