From Florida With Love for Mode Carbon, Dani Padron at Bimmerfest 2016 @danipardon

It's like a long time no see friend next door, we met Dani Pardon again after the stunning glimpse from Bimmerfest several years ago. / W&HM Staff

 It was 2014, Bimmerfesst, the car show was still on grass field by the Rose Bowl Stadium.  We met up the super sweet model Dani Pardon, and we were wow'd.

It took 2 more years that we saw her again, this time at the same event, but at a different venue.

Dani was at the Mode Carbon booth, but the weather is in a totally different mood.  This time it was a bit cold and gloomy, nothing like the Florida bright sun weather that Dani is used to.

We sure hope to see her again soon next year!!  It's not that far and hope the weather will be better too!!

Dani Pardon

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