Big Post of SEMA Models 2015 - Adilene Ellis, Danni Henricksen, Ashly Fahlstrom

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* / Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff 
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SEMA show is simply amazing!  The dazzling arrays of products and companies with neon signs, humongous banners, as well as blasting music and machine noises.  However, on the contrary, the costumes / uniforms that the super majority of promotional models wore at the show, were prevailing black.  It's like the black is the new black year after year.  
Besides the featured models in their varying black decors, we have gathered more little black dressed models, as well as other monochromatic tonal dresses, including white and silver here.  Have a blast since this is a big post! :-D

Adilene Ellis for Aeroklas 

Danni Henricksen for Continental Tires

Ashly Fahlstrom for Giovanna Wheels

Aalaa for Nitto Tires

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