Amazing Cover Model Corissa Furr for Pirelli at SEMA Model 2015 @CorissaFurr

Ultra Majestic Cover Model Corissa Furr for Pirelli at The SEMA 2015 

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We've known Corissa Furr for many years.  She is always one of the reigning queens in car shows and promotional events.  Throughout the years, models come and models gone, but Corissa never lessens an ounce of her amazing charm and her high professionalism.  That's why she is the most beloved, most hired, and most sought after celebrity models in the industry.

At the SEMA 2015 show, Corissa has made perfect branding image for the Pirelli team, and her great interactions with the team.  We saw her again at the LA Autoshow 2015 for Pirelli and it's just a great tradition to follow now.

Corissa Furr, W&HM Cover Model

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