Gorgeous Cover Model Lyna Ly and Beautiful Model Brielle Ansdell for #Gumout at 2014 #FormulaDrift Irwindale @MissLynaLy @brielle_ansdell

 Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - The awesome cover model Lyna Ly and her model partner Brielle Ansdell were the first models who greeted us at the 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale Final Fight at the GUMOUT booth.  It signaled a beautiful start of the event.

The booth is the first booth that anybody entering the main expo area, and it could not be more significant to the visuals.  Big blown up tent with eye catching cars and of course the two incredible models at the front of the booth.  Each time we passed their booth (and trust us, there were many times) we always saw them busy with the attendees. giving out flyers, and signing their posters.  That's totally awesome promotional work there we say!!

Now let's take a closer look at these two great models in front of our camera!

Lyna Ly

Lyna is one of our magazine's cover models. She has that zest for modeling, and passion for promotional.   Lyna has worked in the industry for a period of time, and she is looking even more amazing!  Not only it proves the high longevity of her modeling talents,it also shows the maturity of her modeling skills, and establishment of her model stardom.

We talked to Lyna during the event, and learned that she is busy working in various shows all the time. She has been doing a lot of traveling and will be doing more in the upcoming car events across the ocean or state lines.  Lyna truly enjoys the work and it shows.  When we saw her, she has that sparkling upbeat in her, and she is totally giving her 100% at the show.  It's always great to see Lyna and we do look forward to seeing her a lot more!!

 Brielle Ansdell

We've never met Brielle Ansdell, as far as we can remember, because if we ever had, her beautiful blond hair and mesmerizing blue eyes would definitely burn a great imprint in our memory, or even burn a good several pages on our magazine for sure!  This gorgeous statuesque model has all the great attributes to a great promotional model.  She is so friendly, even though it's the first time that we were introduced.

She also immediately surprised use with her secret talent, Mandarin!  When she started to speak Mandarin with us, we were like, "WOW!"  Most impressive, we must say!  And even more is that although it's not a native accent, it's pretty darn close enough that she may fool a Taxi driver in the big city of Taipei, or mega-tropolis of Shanghai.  We were instantly taken away by this talented and awesome person!

We definitely look forward to seeing this great model again in the future as well!  With that, we also say, Great Job Gumout for hiring these two wonderful models!!  They did a super fantastic job there!!

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