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Pasadena, CA, by W&HM - There is something that you don't see in every car show, except the really + really big ones.  The awesome carbon parts manufacturer, Mode Carbon, has brought in three models from three corners of the States.  A model from New York, who looks like a fashion model from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Then another model from the Orange County in our native golden state of California.  Then here is a ultra cool model from Miami, Florida, Dani Padron.  To Mode Carbon, we say that you've done a wonderful job!!

Dani Padron is a super sweet Florida model who has a tint of refreshing shyness in her smiles.  She cast a great spell on the other coast crowd at the Mode Carbon booth.  A "Fashion Design Venezolana" as self-described on her Instagram profile (@danipadron, http://instagram.com/danipadron) has a strong fashion sense, a beautiful self, and a wonderful care-free personality.  When we talked to her, she instantly made us feel like she is the cool girl next door, who can outrace you in a hike, who can punch your shoulder with a big laughter, or who can give you a sweetest smile when you point your camera at her...  We sure look forward to seeing this great model in future events.


Lynsi London is our geographically local model from Orange County.  Lynsi has a passion for modeling and it showed during our mini shoot.  At the Mode Carbon booth, she gave us plenty of opportunities to capture her glamour look, especially combined with the company's great choice of leather bodice. The classy black outfit and the golden blond hair made Lynsi an instant classic synonymous to Kodak's iconic color theme.

The model (we failed to obtain her name) from New York is tall, really tall and has that amazing fashion model physique.  This proves that Mode Carbon is truly genius in puling talents from all genres, but maintains the essence of each model's locality.

If Mode Carbon can pull in the genius touch on modeling, their attention to details to their carbon fiber made products must be even more impressive.  Mode Carbon has perfected their carbon fiber manufacturing technology, creating extremely effective car parts/modifications. They are not only just sleek looking, the advanced technology has made their products even more lighter weight compared to other vendors'.  When we inspected closely, we would find the impeccable finish to their works, and the styles are subtle and coherent.  Mode Carbon specializes in BMW and Mercedes Benz cars, especially the BMW M3 series.  They can make them look really + really good!

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