SEMA Corissa Furr and Summer Daniels

Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - Pirelli this year has done something different at SEMA, something major!  They have the wonderful and familiar awesome models, including Corissa Furr, Summer Daniels, and Elle Navarro, and more, at the booth this year.  It's a replacement of the Venezuelan models, who have been gorgeous too but less accessible to the general American attendees and fans.

Therefore, the booth has been more crowded because people who aren't familiar with the famous models love the freebies and people who are fans and familiar with these great models paid a lot more attention to them.  It's a win plus win combination!  Great job!
Corissa Furr is always so majestic and never give us a bad picture from the very beginning that we have covered her.  What a top professional in the industry!  Bravo!

Summer Daniels is a multi-talented model who also is working on her solo album, after a great adventure of her band earlier in the previous years.  We look forward to seeing her and/or hearing her more in the future!
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