W&HM Cover Model - Elyse (Part 3)

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(continued from the Part 2 feature)

W&HM: Last two questions, if you have all the money in the world, what kind of car would you get?
Elyse: Aston Martin DBR all black, everything, rims and all…mmm and all white interior with teal tubing. Thank you.
W&HM: Wow, you know exactly what you want, don't  you?  Ha-ha  Very + very cool!

W&HM: Last one, :-)  What would you like to say to your fans out there?
Elyse: That you guys fuel me, keep me going, and I could not do any of this without ya’lls support. Love you guys!! <3

W&HM: Thank you very much!  Let us know where could our readers find more information about you?
Elyse: I am in the process of putting together my website. It will be www.elysemiles.com but in the mean time I have a twitter @ElyseMIles and also my facebook. Fb.com/elysemiles. I even have an instagram @atleast_iona SO add me, follow me, and watch me grow 

W&HM: You are totally awesome and so talented!!  Thank you so much!!  We look forward to more working together in the future!!
Elyse: Absolutely! Thank you! I am so honored to be your cover model!!
W&HM: Yay!!  Super cool!! :-)