Most Awesome Pictures of 2012 E3 Tekken Girls

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - We got the best Tekken Girls photos of the 2012 E3 show.  They look totally stunning and in-character (makeups, costumes, poses, personas, and even playing games!!)  With the dazzling lighting and set up, this is a super genius venue to showcase the super genius game!  Great work Tekken!!

From left to right: Helen Fancik (Nina Williams), Claudia Alan (Ling Xiaoyu), Corissa Furr (Lili Rochefort), Melissa Riso (Anna Williams), Danielle Lo (Alisa Boskonovitch), and Vivian Nguyen (Asuka Kazama)

And they joined our featured model Jamie Michelle!  Yay!!