Corissa Furr Leading the Pack

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Corissa Furr is always the super cool model that knows her trade, and gives us super cool photo opps.  Many models, especially the new models, suffer the CPS, or "Cardboard Personality Syndrome", which they do one pose for however many shots the photographers take, one expression, one pose, one angle.  Theresults are many pictures of the same look, basically just one picture, as if it was a life size cardboard personality.  A great model not only knows her strengths, she also knows how to project different looks and connecting to the viewers.  Corissa Furr is definitely at the top of the industry.  If there is an award, she would have it multiple times!  Many kudos to Corissa!!

At the same time, if the photographer has the opportunity, he/she shares some responsibilities as well.  Sometimes, models need guidance as they may not know how to pose to begin with.  A simple direction of various standard poses would help a long way.  Do the homework!

We met the model back in SEMA 2010 and great to see her again!

Miss Southern California Cities 2012...
And Mrs Long Beach...
And the Loctite Promo Models!