W&HM Cover Model - Sarah Marie, Wheels and Heels Magazine Featured Model Part 3

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 Los Angeles, CA (Py) - This is the conclusion of the feature model editorial of Sarah Marie.  We are very proud of the pictorial of Sarah Marie!  It's totally awesome!

 Through the photo shoot sessions, Sarah Marie really impressed us by her great adaptability, wonderful talents, as well as awesome personality!

 At the car shoot, she brought such a great smile and her great outfit.  Sarah totally made the whole period theme look authentic and real.  Great job again Sarah!!

 The car owner and the crowd loved her!

 Sarah is such a wonderful model that during the beach shoot, it was overcasting with occasional sunshine came through.  Needless to say, shooting in that windy condition means totally freezing temperature for the model.

 COOOOOLD, but she pushed on...

 Not only did Sarah showed us her great bikini-clad awesome body, she got down on the sand and performed wonderfully in front of the camera, despite the piercing gusts and chilling wet sand...