Corissa Furr and Summer Daniels for Anzo in 2011 SEMA

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Corissa Furr and Summer Daniels gave Anzo the super booth presence and traffic!  Corissa is such a tour de force of modeling that we always regard as one of the very top car models in in the industry.  Not only she works tirelessly in various events and businesses, super amazingly talented, strong and extensive network ability, she is also approachable and so easy to work with!  We really wish all models are like her, or at least nearly as professional, dedicated and savvy on the industry and business... Our big hats are off to you Corissa!

We met Summer Daniels several times from the past events.  She is multi-talented talent.  She has her own band as well!  Their band is going to Vietnam in the coming year!!  If you plan to go to Vietnam early next year, you might find her holding an awesome concert there!  Best of luck Summer!

Corissa was so cool!  She's like helping someone to locate where they are or where he needed to go.  Now that's what we call the customer-centric modeling!

If you ever get a chance to shoot Corissa, which we all do, don't we?  She will super impress you when you press the shutter button.  Her modeling skills are at a different level than the majority of other models.  It's almost like she creates all the beautiful and cool poses, and you just keep pressing your shutter and say wow...

the two of them are such a dynamic duo team!!  Totally awesome and fantastic!!