Cover Model - Lyna Ly Sparks, Wheels and Heels Magazine

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - We are very happy to have Lyna Ly Sparks as our cover model!  Lyna is a hard working, smart and very friendly model.  It's like you gain a friend, who lives at the same block.  That's very cool!!

 We have seen Lyna many times, almost all the time when we do coverage on shows.  She always goes extra miles for people, and always a great pleasure to meet with.

 This time, she brought a cool car of Porche Boxter that has a deliciously bright red look.  With her equally bright red dress, it's a killer combination!!

 We had a great interview with Lyna, like a fun chat with a good friend.  Let's hear about it!

 WAHM: Hello Lyna, it's great to finally work with you!!
Lyna: Yes, we’ve been planning this for a long time!! Thank you for having me!

 WAHM: We'v seen you in many car shows, Please tell us how long you have been modeling?
Lyna: I've been modeling for about a year now.

WAHM: Wow, how do you like it?
Lyna: I love it! I get to meet new people, and have fun with it!

 WAHM: Do you need to travel to places?
Lyna: Currently, I am mostly at the local events, the SoCal area. But I would like to travel in the future as well! I am SoCal girl and like to stay home with my family too.

 WAHM: Cool! Do you follow any sports?
Lyna: I like to watch basketball, football, and soccer. I played basketball since I was in middle school. I was also  on my high school basketball team. I had a lot of fun! But it could be rough too. I got my nose broken when somebody elbowed me... Haha

 WAHM: Ouch!! That must hurt a lot...
Lyna: Oh well. Haha. By the way, I don't know if this qualifies as sports or not. I just got my motorcycle license this year!

 WAHM: Wow, why motorcycle?
Lyna: Well, I think it's pretty sexy for a girl to ride a bike. It’s a lot of fun and it's actually very easy to handle. And it saves gas!!

WAHM: What motorcycle do you have?
Lyna: I would like to get a Kawasaki Ninja. Eventually I like to get a Yamaha R6!! :-) They are super heavy though since I’m such a tiny girl.

This is Part 1.
Tomorrow will be Part 2
And another one will be Part 3 coming up soon too...

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